Food Services

We want your coffee to taste truly amazing. As a CLR Roasters customer, you’ll always have delicious coffee brewed to our precise standards. We’ll provide you with top of the line equipment to brew our coffee, and we’ll organize its installation, so getting started is simple! You tell us how much coffee you use, and we’ll make sure you get the right equipment for your business. Shown below is some of the equipment we can provide.

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We will work with you to create your own unique blend of coffee or help match your current blends. Here are some of our most popular, but not limited to, selections: 100% Colombian, Premium Blend, House Blend, Dark Roast, French Roast, Donut Shop, Breakfast Blend, Flavored Coffees, Decaffeinated Coffee, Select Water Decaffeinated, Espresso, Organic Certified, Fair Trade Certified, Fortified Blends, Diet Plus, Energy Extreme, Impact, Immune Plus Multi-Vitamins, Focus Plus Mulit-Vitamins.

Private Labels

When it comes to coffee we are excited and willing to do it all. This includes helping customers create customized packaging tailored to your design needs. We will also aid in providing help with all marketing needs as well as all artwork support.


We offer a wide variety of packaging options to meet all of your branding needs.

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Our Process

Our field to cup process utilizes the best of high tech and high touch. Our hand cultivated, nurtured, and harvested beans are also treated to the newest technology and packaging process. We take pride in our process, ensuring the highest quality field to cup coffee.

Green Coffee Purchasing

All green coffee is tested to our standards before purchase. Bag marks and contracts are ensured before received at our facility. Once coffee is received in our facility our QC Lab personnel cups the coffee to ensure that it meets our quality standards.

Green Coffee Cleaning

Our green coffee is cleaned from dust and their light particles, while larger particles are sieved out via vibration. Green coffee is moved via magnetized conveying system.


The roasting supervisor roasts the green coffee to our customers’ unique specifications. Each roast is matched to the QC samples to meet the color specifications of each customer.

Whole Bean Coffee

The whole bean coffee is moved via magnetized conveying system to either a Super Sack or to the appropriate store bin.

Flavors Added to Coffee

Coffee is moved to the designated flavoring area where they are deposited into mixers with the appropriate amount of flavoring. The coffee is then stored into Super Sacks or bins to be packaged.

Ground Coffee

Coffee is ground using the Quality Control grind samples to ensure the new grind matches the 6 customers’ specifications.


The degassed coffee, whether ground, flavored or whole bean will be moved to the appropriate packaging station. The coffee that is packaged is loaded into boxes based on the packaging requirements of each customer.


Finished product on pallets is loaded onto approved LTL carrier trucks or is shipped in cases via Federal Express.

Industries Served

Cruise Lines

Wellness Centers


Convenience Stores

Office Coffee Service




Direct Selling

Direct Store Delivery

During my summer vacation I stayed with friends in Miami Beach and I bought your coffee at a Supermarket and it tasted like heaven.

Susana Hernandez | Hackensack, NJ