Our Facilities

Our Miami headquarters comprises over 40,000 square feet of state-of-the-art facilities which affords us the ability to house our entire operation under one roof. Our raw material storage, roasting operations, packaging facility, distribution warehouse, customer service department, sales department and accounting department all work together cohesively to create an effectual production flow from raw material to finished product.


10 Million Pound Capacity per shift

Featuring 2 Jabez Burns 23R drum commercial coffee roasters with set controls for Roasting temp, afterburner temperature and filter water quench. Roasting capacity 4,800 lbs. per hour / 38,400 lbs. per day / 192,000 lbs. per week/ 10,000,000 lbs. per year. Cooling and stoning for maximum production and consistent quality.


11 Million Pound Capacity per shift

Jabez Burns 888 Granulizer commercial grinders with set control points from auto drip to fine espresso grinds. Grinding capacity 5,400 lbs. per hour / 43,200 lbs. per day / 216,000 lbs. per week / 11,232,000 lbs. per year.

Diversified Packaging Equipment