Manufacturing Process

Green Coffee Purchasing

All green coffee is tested to our standards before purchase. Bag marks and contracts are ensured before receipt into our facility.


The roasting supervisor roasts the green coffee to our customers’ unique specifications. Each roast is matched to the Quality Control samples to meet the color specifications of each customer.

Whole Bean Coffee

The whole bean coffee is moved via magnetized conveying system to either a Super Sack or to the appropriate storage bin.

Ground Coffee

Coffee is ground using the Quality Control grind samples to ensure the new grind matches the customers’ specifications.


The coffee, whether ground, flavored or whole bean will be moved to the appropriate packaging station. The coffee that is packaged is loaded into boxes based on the packaging requirements of each customer.


Finished product on pallets is loaded onto approved LTL/FTL carrier trucks or is shipped in cases via individual parcel service.

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  • HACCP Flow Chart

    At CLR Roasters, LLC we are committed to providing our customers with safe and quality coffee products. Our company has implemented a food safety system which includes the careful handling of coffee products through all stages of production until the distributionof the final packaged product. This policy is implemented through our detailed SQF systems and procedures, which include routinely scheduled equipment and facility maintenance ensuring the utmost sanitation. CLR Roasters receives and follows regulatory requirements distributed by the FDA and our customers’ specifications. We are committed to establishing and meeting food safety objectives in order to continually improve our standards for providing safe foods to our customers. We make every effort to regularly revise our policies in order to continually improve our production procedures and abide by the SQF 2000 system. It is our promise to provide effective communication to all CLR Roasters’ employees and customers concerning our food safety policies.